We would love to invite you all to our 2nd day Rosh Hashanah service. We’ll be sending out info soon about everything we have planned but 2nd day deserves a special mention. Each year the children are invited us as a group to blow the shofar with me and Rabbi Silverman. It’s a relaxed and fun service – with the kids getting certificates for their shofar blowing! And as we saw last week – any age or ability is welcome – even shouting through the horn counts!

To help you practice your shofar blowing skills (though anyone can have a go on the bimah altogether) we’d love you to join Rabbi Silverman for his shofar blowing workshop – details below.

Sunday 15th September at Shul 4pm – join Rabbi Silverman for the skill of shofar blowing – discover your hidden talent, awaken inner strengths and learn together the meanings.