You are invited to get involved with a ‘A Taste of Talmud’,  a new venture between Menorah and Jackson’s Row beginning in January.

A Taste of Talmud is a monthly in person study group to be held at Menorah. The first meeting is at 18h45 on Tuesday January 21. However, we also have a new online learning community based on a private Facebook Group that is open to you every day.

The launch of A Taste of Talmud coincides with a new cycle of Daf Yomi which begins on January 5. Daf Yomi is a tradition of studying a page of Talmud everyday, taking seven and a half years to get to the end! That’s quite a challenge and so A Taste of Talmud is designed to support those of us who want to give it a go and also those of us who only have time or inclination to dip in and learn a little Talmud now and again.

Although the cycle starts in January it’s perfectly acceptable to jump in (or out!)  at any time in the cycle that suits you.

The study group will be facilitated by Rabbis Bobby Silverman and Fabian Sborovsky and will focus primarily on the stories in the Talmud – it’s not all dry ancient law! – and how to make Talmud relevant to our lives today. Admission is completely free, donations for refreshments appreciated. Planned dates so far are:

January 21, February 18, April 21, May 19, June 23 and July 14. ( No meeting is planned for March at present)

The Facebook Group is run by Helen Conway and is a community space for everyone. Come and find chavruta partners, add your own views or questions, start a discussion on the text or share resources that have helped your study. Whatever you need to make Daf Yomi or occasional Talmud study meaningful in the 21st century! Its a private group so even if you don’t use social media its a safe space to be.

If you are interested in participating, please contact me, Helen Conway, on for access to the Facebook group (and technical help accessing it if you need it) and to let us know you wish to attend the monthly meetings.