RJ:TV is an interactive broadcasting platform for these challenging times. Each day Reform Judaism will provide a range of interactive programming that you are invited to join – from daily prayer services and adult learning sessions to fun for all ages and casual catch-ups. Whilst physical events and activities at our synagogues have been postponed, we can still come together virtually to share in learning and meaningful interaction.

Below you can find our general daily schedule, detailed schedules for specific days and information on how to connect to RJ:TV content.

Programming for schools years 1-11 is provided by RSY-Netzer, and can be found here.

RJ:TV Daily Schedule (Mon-Fri)

8.30-9.00 Morning Shacharit service with Leo Baeck College

9.30-10.00 Fun for fives and under

11.00-12.00 Corona, Coffee and Care

12.30-13.30 Adult learning

14.15-15.00 Parashat Ha’Shavua (Thoughts on weekly Torah reading, Tuesday only)

20.30 Evening Ma’ariv service (Mon-Thurs, please see our main information page for synagogues streaming Shabbat services)

You can join online from a computer or mobile device, by heading to www.zoom.us/join and entering meeting ID 738-454-9476.

You can also join from a phone by dialling 0203 481 5237 and enter meeting ID 738-454-9476. You will only be able to hear the content and interact verbally. You won’t be able to view the content.

Schedule is subject to change.