Kitchen Kehillah is a project, supported by Asylum Arts, which is encouraging people to speak to friends and family in isolation, using food as a conversation starter. The invitation is for members of the community to speak to their loved ones and ask what their favourite recipe is and share the story behind that recipes. It’s a lovely way to connect and talk about the past and the future in this time, because, after all, food is what we do best!

Kitchen Kehila is a Jewish intergenerational storytelling and food project created by theatre-makers and Asylum alumnae – Rachel Hosker and Tash Hyman.

Together, they are working on creating an archive of not only Jewish recipes from around the world, but strive to preserve the stories of the people behind them.

They are inviting Jews from all around the world, to connect with their older generation of family members or friends, engage in conversations around changing traditions, migration and survival, and to record it for posterity.

The responses will be made into a free ebook! A limited number of physical copies will be available for those without access to the internet.

Interested in contributing to the project? Please fill out their form! (No later than the end of May!) Don’t have a story to tell or recipe to share? Please help us spread the word, and tag people you think might be interested.

To take part, click here

Or email kitchen kehillah here