Rabbi Robyn is to take the month of December off as part of her sabbatical leave.  She says she will be using the time for both writing and also to continue studying community development and leadership in times of crisis.

In a letter to everyone, Rabbi Robyn writes:

I am fortunate to live at a time when flexible working and a healthy work-life balance are becoming increasingly recognised as important for us all.  And I am especially fortunate in that Jackson’s Row has long since supported its Rabbis in taking extended breaks from work, known as sabbatical leave.

I am writing to let you know that I will be taking my sabbatical, after more than three years in this role, for the month of December until 5th January 2021.  During this time contact admin@jacksonsrow.org  for help with any urgent or important enquiries and Rabbi Silverman will be holding the rabbinic duties. 

I am looking forward to this pause and hope to use the time to continue studying community development/leadership in times of crisis and writing.  I wish you all well during this intense period and look forward to being in touch before I take my sabbatical and of course once I return.

I hope you can also find chances to enhance your wellbeing given the pressures around us.

Take care.

Rabbi Robyn