The news of Rabbi Lord Sacks’ death is a deeply sorrowful blow to the Anglo-Jewish community, to the country and the wider world. As a teacher of Judaism he was phenomenal, both in the depth and breadth of his intellect and in his passion, enhancing respect and admiration for our traditions and learning. His many books and vast reservoir of wisdom, written and recorded on the internet give us a profound lasting legacy.

Rabbi Reuven Silverman, is quoted as saying “Despite strong differences in views and policies, I enjoyed, along with other rabbinical colleagues, a good personal relationship with him whenever we met, especially in the early years of his Chief Rabbinate in public and privately at his home. He radiated a calming presence and a warm kindness. His death after a brief illness is a sad loss but his life is an immeasurable gain to all.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Sacks family and whole Jewish community.