Rabbi Bobby Silverman has announced that he has decided to step down from his role as Senior Rabbi at Jacksons Row after 43 years.  He will remain on staff in a part time capacity, assisting in services and organising life cycle events.  Rabbi Silverman explained “This year has been a strange one for all of us and forcing us to stay at home and review how we do things.  Having taken that time to review and consider, I have decided to reduce my hours and will start working on a part time basis.

He said he wants to devote the rest of his time to his counselling work, counselling supervision and continuing professional development in those areas.

He has taken on the new name of Rav Reuven and added that “I am still enjoying working with my congregation, friends and JR family.  I will still be available to take services and be part of life cycle events as before. As I enter the new chapter of my working life, I would like to thank the synagogue for accommodating my new role and look forward to continuing the relationships that have grown to the present time.

Danny Savage said on behalf of the Executive and Council: “ I want to thank Rabbi Silverman for what he has achieved within our congregation over the past 43 years, and the legacy he has created. I am delighted that he has agreed to continue to serve our community on a part time basis, allowing us continuity and stability with those members who have enjoyed deep and meaningful relationships over the years to the present day.”