Helping to bring alive our prophetic heritage. Four fortnightly interactive study opportunities by Zoom, Tuesdays 17h30 – 18h30  in Feb and March. If you enjoyed Jonah’s Journey and want more, or if you missed it– this is for you. There is no charge for this mini-course but there is a maximum number so please register in advance with

  1. Feb 9th – Introductory session: Background to the Haftarah
  2. Feb 23rd – History or Mystery: Isaiah 6 (Yitro and Shavuot)
  3. Mar 9th – Dealing with Dilemmas: Judges 11 (Chukat)
  4. Mar 23rd – Puzzling Prophecies: Zechariah 2 & 4 (Beha’alotcha and Chanukah)

We will be looking at (and critiquing) English translation (with reference to the Hebrew where necessary but you won’t require Hebrew skills). You will be encouraged to read from a translation of your choice in advance of sessions 2-4 (we will help with sources and links).