‘On the seventh day God finished the work that had been undertaken…’ Genesis 2:2

Rabbi Robyn Ashworth-Steen says:

Radically, we are taught from the first few lines of Torah that rest is a sacred duty.

Given all that we have lived through in the past two years, this command to rest could not be more important and vital to help us recover and re-connect with ourselves and our loved ones.

In order to honour Shabbat/rest I am taking a short break over the summer (from 27th July until 30th August). Although I will still be leading our Community Shabbat service and lunch on 30th July and look forward to seeing you then! During this time I will rest and also start preparing for our High Holy Days.

I am delighted to say that Rabbi Lisa Barrett will be stepping in over this 5 week period, taking our services and being on hand.

I very much look forward to seeing you all over the festival period as we walk into this new era of Manchester Reform Synagogue together.