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Erev Shabbat service with Rabbi Robyn and Rachel Weston

Our Synagogue doors are closed for now, but our virtual Shul is open for you every Friday at 18h30.  And this coming Friday, Rabbi Robyn will lead our Shabbat service on Zoom and Facebook.   She’ll be joined by student cantor, Rachel Weston.  You don’t need a Facebook account to view our services.  Simply an internet connection and a web browser. And to watch, use this link to our Facebook page:  The Zoom details are published on the JR Family page or obtainable from the office.

So, whilst we have closed our physical doors and will be socially distancing we invite you to continue to come together as a community online.

If you don’t have a prayer book you can use the online version.

Recently, we were delighted that Judith Silver (musician and songwriter) agreed to lead the service alongside Rabbi Robyn. Judith is known to JR and is really wonderful and we think that hearing her music, and from her, will mean a great deal to the members of our community.  Those interested in hearing Fear No Evil again can watch below or see Judith’s Anam Cara recording on YouTube. There’s no sound recording of B’Yado yet, but here’s the version from the Acapella app that Judith posted a few weeks ago.  And you can watch that service again now.