All High Holiday services will be in the synagogue and online.

Please make sure you register for the services you wish to attend. Please contact the office or call 0161 834 0415 to confirm. Children of members do not need their own tickets, but non-member tickets will be a £20 donation per service and must be paid for in advance.

Selichot @ JR                         8pm           Saturday 17 September

Erev Rosh Hashanah              6pm           Sunday 25 September

Rosh Hashana First Day        10.30am    Monday 26 September

Rosh Hashanah 2nd Day        10.30am    Tuesday 27th September

Kol Nidrei                               7.30pm      Tuesday 4 October

Yom Kippur                            10.30am    Wednesday 5 October

Erev Succot                            6.30pm      Sunday 9 October

Succot Morning                     10.30am    Monday 10 October

Erev Simchat Torah               6.30pm      Sunday 16 October

Simchat Torah Morning        10.30am    Monday 17 October

followed by a Lunch to honour our 5783 Chatan & Callat Torah and Chatan & Callat Bereishit

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