We extend a warm welcome to you from all at Manchester Reform Synagogue. We are the Progressive Jewish community in the heart of Manchester, inspiring individuals with Reform Jewish values and traditions.

Our aim is to to empower our members to find a Jewish path to their life. Judaism goes beyond the individual, with a key focus on also supporting and helping others in our communities and society to achieve their full potential. In this regard, our personal rights need to be balanced by our responsibility to the needs of others, whether it be by helping to reduce poverty, hunger, strife and COVID-19, or climatic change and pollution.

We provide transformative education and events to support you through your lives. More than this, we provide a sense of community. Come and join us in meeting life’s challenges.


Every Friday evening at 18h30 and Saturday morning at 10h30 our Shabbat services are live on Zoom and shared by Facebook. We are also back in person every Shabbat but you must register in advance each time you’d like to attend services. This not only helps with security on the door but can also help eliminate lengthy waits outside now that the cold weather is with us.

And every day you can join RJ:TV, the Online Community for Reform Judaism at reformjudaism.org.uk/rjtv

Latest News

  • Law and Lore Study Group launched
    Rav Reuven is to lead a new seven session Taste of Talmud series on what the Talmud has to say about the Jewish Holidays. It starts on Sunday December 5 when the topic will be Hannukah and Rosh Chodesh. On January 16, he will look at Erev Tu B’shvat. Other sessions later in the year will explore Purim, Pesach, Yom Haazmaut, Shavuot and Tish B’Av. All the meetings are on Zoom and willRead More…
  • Rabbiting on for Chanukah
    The latest edition of Rabbiting On with Rabbis Robyn Ashworth-Steen, Miriam Berger and Debbie Young-Somers has them talking everything to do with the Festival of Lights, from the Maccabees to the Menorah. So, find the light in your lives with this Rabbiting On Chanukah Special. Chag Chanukah Sameach from the three Rabbis and everyone at The Movement for Reform Judaism.  Rabbiting On is out now and available by visiting the MRJ website here.Read More…
  • EGM approves online voting
    A special general meeting of JR members on Sunday November 21 and agreed to changes in our Code of Laws to allow online attendance with full voting rights at future AGMs and EGMs.  More than 30 members debated and and unanimously approve online, proxy and postal voting. JR Chair, Naomi Ward commented “We have gone ahead with virtual voting so that we can be as inclusive as possible. Our subscription contributions are vitalRead More…
  • Jackson Row changes direction!
    Please note that Jacksons Row is still one way, but you should now only enter the road from Deansgate at the bottom of the road and not from Southmill Street at the top end.  However, there is a very small sign by the No Entry symbol at the top of Jacksons Row allowing entry “for access only”.
  • JR stars in TV thriller ‘Ridley Road’ starting this Sunday
    Swinging sixties London as you’ve never seen it.  A young Jewish woman is drawn into a world of deceit and lies in a high stakes fight against the far right.  Vivien, a young Jewish hairdresser, discovers the 62 Group – an intelligence-gathering underground movement trying to stop the rise of the far right.  Based on a true story and an adaptation of the critically acclaimed 2014 novel of the same name by JoRead More…
  • Marianne weaves her tapestries
    Take a good look as you enter our foyer from this week. Two Creation tapestries’ will be on display: Day 1 – Light (pictured) and Day 2 – The Firmament, both created with love and care by our own Marianne Phillips. Marianne has been working on these originally for our new Shul.  Once we do move, all six will be on permanent display. Over the coming months you will have opportunity to seeRead More…
  • Overwhelming “yes” vote to sell our building
    The EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting) held on Sunday (July 25) voted by 68 votes to two to allow the Trustees to agree the sale of our freehold and leasehold to Jackson’s Row Developments Ltd. The meeting was a lively one in a full but not crowded Alexander Levy Hall, with most members expressing excitement for our future. Gary Neville, who attended remotely, said on behalf of the developers of the site, that theRead More…
  • Stay Safe!
    Executive member, Pam Walker, shares some guidance on our responsibilities to ensure JR actively maintains a safe and welcoming environment and protects your right to live free from abuse and neglect.  JR has policies, procedures and training in place to keep people safe. Watch Pam on our duty to safeguard you.
  • 120 over 80: Our Louis amongst the wisest
    The Jewish News has named Louis Rapaport as one of the top 120 individuals, aged 80 and over, whose achievements have inspired us for decades. Louis has been a longstanding leader in Manchester’s Jewish community. An active member for more than 60 years, he served as president of the Jewish Representative Council of Greater Manchester from 2004 to 2007, tackling challenging issues including attacks on Jewish gravestones at Rainsough Jewish cemetery. Louis has servedRead More…