If you need to report a bereavement please call the office on 0161 834 0415. If your call is made outside of office hours you will find the number for the emergency bereavement number on the voicemail.

We are here to help…

If you are reading this, may we firstly offer our deepest sympathy. We wish you a long life and may your loved one’s memory forever be a blessing. We know and understand how losing a loved one is an incredibly emotional and difficult time. At the same time you may have to deal with the legalities, arrangements and procedures that arise when someone dies. The Rabbis and office staff at Manchester Reform Synagogue can help with the arrangements for funeral and shiva. They can also help with loaning prayer books and chairs for bereaved family members sitting shiva. Books and chairs can be picked up from Shul by car – please speak to the office to arrange. At a later date the Shul can arrange a stone setting or unveiling ceremony; if you wish you can also have a plaque erected in the synagogue.

What we do

The Bereavement Care Team are here to be a listening ear, to help, support, and guide you through this difficult time, of course in the strictest confidence. This is a community service that is still available if you are not a member at our synagogue. Someone from our team will be in touch to ask how you are doing and whether you need any help. We will arrange a small shabbat care package and a note to let you know we are thinking of you. If you don’t need us and feel well supported we will just call back about 3 months later when you feel a bit more settled to check you are okay and start to think about next steps (for example stone setting/unveiling). If you need us to be around for you for a while that’s also fine but you may also want some professional help.

Further Resources

Once you have the death certificate there is a Government service called TELL US ONCE that can deal with most Government and Council services such as benefits, tax, passport, driving license etc. More details on this can be found on the Internet at https://www.gov.uk/when-someone-dies but of course we would be able to assist with further advice. Many banks, utilities and similar have a specialised bereavement service that helps you to notify them of the circumstances – you normally just need a copies of the death certificate. When it comes to wills and probate, this may be an area where you need to take legal advice, though you may be able to do probate without a solicitor if you wish. Again, the Internet link above has more information, and Citizens Advice are also very helpful. Our team can supply more information if you need it. “Paperweight” is a Jewish Community Advice Bureau, it is a free service for all those who need guidance on welfare, finance and legal issues. Please don’t hesitate to contact the synagogue office to get in touch and seek assistance.

BCT leaflet June 2020

The Reform Judaism movement is alongside all of our communities throughout this difficult and unprecedented time. The prayer book for funerals can be found here. The Reform Judaism prayer book for shiva can be found here. A special prayer has been composed for attending a funeral remotely by Rabbi Paul Freedman, which can be accessed here. Rabbi Shulamit Ambalu has shared a letter with thoughts for marking the Yahrzeit (anniversary of a death) of a loved one in the current circumstances here. You can read more on the Reform Judaism website