Manchester Reform Synagogue (MRS) recognises its widespread responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of its Adults, Young People and Child members and to ensure that best practice is carried out to fulfil the statutory responsibilities and legal guidance of Safeguarding. Safeguarding is ‘everyone’s responsibility’ (Lord Lamming). 

Adult Abuse refers to mistreatment of an Adult by someone with whom they have a special relationship such as a partner, sibling, child, friend, or caregiver, or a stranger such as rogue Traders, internet/ telephone/ scammers. Abuse and neglect can take place anytime and anywhere. People with care and support needs are not inherently vulnerable, but they may come to be at risk of abuse or neglect at any point.

If Staff and volunteers suspect abuse:

  • Recognise the signs and behaviours which may be cause for concern
  • Respond to the Adult sensitively
  • Refer the situation to the Safeguarding Lead who will then decide what further action to
  • Take and inform relevant safeguarding agencies as necessary

Disclosure of Abuse

If an Adult makes a disclosure of abuse to Staff or volunteers

  • Do not promise that you can keep anything confidential. Inform the person you have a duty to pass information on to the Safeguarding Lead for their protection
  • If the person has mental capacity and then chooses not to disclose the information, you should still inform the Safeguarding Lead of their decision.
  • If the person does not have mental capacity, you must involve the Safeguarding Lead.

Receiving a Disclosure:

  • Listen to what is being said empathetically, trying not to display shock or disbelief
  • Accept what is being said but do not comment upon it.
  • Do not ask ‘leading’ questions, for example, “What did s/he do next?” (Such questions may invalidate the evidence in any later court action.)
  • Reassure they have taken the right action in telling you
  • Make it clear you have to report it to the Safeguarding Lead who will abide by your wishes, where appropriate
  • Do not criticise the perpetrator


  • As soon as possible all information should be recorded. Record as much detail as possible, including names, address, and contact information.
  • Write down the nature of the allegation, do not include your own judgement or assumptions. Stick to what was actually disclosed
  • Note any observations on behaviour/emotional state or injuries and bruising.
  • Note time, location and date of disclosure and sign the notes.
  • Do not investigate the matter yourself, merely receive information and be ready to refer.


▪ Pass this information and a verbal account immediately to the Safeguarding Lead.
It is your duty to refer this information – you cannot keep it a secret. Information should only be shared with a Designated Senior Person.

Procedures Relating to Staff and Volunteers Safer Recruitment

Safer practice in recruitment is to ensure suitable people are appointed who will work to the principles and expectations of Safeguarding Adults

Completion of an appropriate Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check on the appointment of a new worker, with suitable references and have a face to face interview.

Staff Training

All staff and volunteers receive relevant Safeguarding training and support.

Any allegations against staff or volunteers will be dealt with according to MRS’ appropriate policies.

Manchester Reform Synagogue recognises that involvement in Adult Safeguarding can be stressful for personnel. It is therefore committed to offering help and support for staff/volunteers who have concerns. Staff can gain support from their Line Manager or the the Designated Safeguarding Lead.. Volunteers can be supported by the Designated Safeguarding Lead. Further support may be accessed if necessary.

Safeguarding is Everybody’s business.

At Jackson’s Row Synagogue, we have a dedicated Safeguarding Officer and guidance if you are concerned about the safety and welfare of any child or adult.

We have an email which you can send any concerns to at any time – we take the welfare of all our congregants seriously and if you have a concerns no matter how small you think it might be, please get in touch. We are here to listen, and actively invite anyone with a safeguarding concern to come forward.

You can contact the Shule Office in office hours

As always, if you feel that a child or adult is at immediate risk, dial 999.

Below are some links to organisations which can also assist.


Pam Walker – Designated Safeguarding Lead, Jackson’s Row Synagogue