three_cheese_cake_1Shavuot is the Festival of Weeks – the Festival of the giving of the Law at Mount Sinai. What relevance has food got to do with it?

Obviously a silly question for us Jews, who use any excuse for meeting with family and friends for a celebration, defined by the nourishment of body as well as soul.

But why particularly dairy products: cheese cake, blintzes, knishes and kreplakh? There are a number of possible reasons . . .

  1. Milk is to the body as Torah is to the Soul
  2. The giving of the Law was a kind of rebirth
  3. The Torah promises a land of milk and honey.
  4. The numerial code for milk (Chalav: Chet(8) lamed(30) vet(2)) is 40 and reminds us that Moses spent 40 days up on Mount Sinai receiving the Torah.
  5. Or maybe it was just simply that Shavuot occurs at the time of the year when there is a surpus of milk from the goats and sheep that were traveling with the tribe.